Dear Post -Graduate

Please find attached information  for  a post -graduate environmental  research conference 'Environmental Research Event 2011 (ERE2011) to be held in Australia in June 2011.  Abstracts for this conference are due at the beginning of February.

Could you distribute notification of this to your post-graduate students. It is an interdisciplinary conference and presents an opportunity for   students working in the interdisciplinary  field of the environment  (from policy to science ) to  present their work in a supportive setting,  while making good international links.  Having attended the conference  last year I see it as an excellent opportunity for New Zealand post-graduates  in the environmental field to have the opportunity to present their work in a conducive setting, but also to  have the opportunity to  stay with, and talk with other post graduates about their  work.


Jeanette Wright
PhD Candidate
School of Social Sciences
Politcal Science & Public Policy Programme
University of Waikato
ERE committee member