Hi Everyone, 

June is a busy month. Every Tuesday from 3 - 3:30 we have coffee in Level Zero (the WSU room below the library). See you later today.

Tuesday the 17th of June, between 5 and 6pm is our second Pizza Social Event also in Level Zero. Professor Kay Weaver and some other guests will be invited to 'hang out' with us as we talk to those who actually understand what a higher degree is like. (They don't just nod and go hmm when you describe your thesis with gusto.)

Tuesday the 24th at 2pm is our Postgraduate Presentation Series in Level Zero. Two speakers will be sharing their presentations for a Science Education conference. 

On another note, there is a Postgraduate Research Committee (PGRC) meeting next Wednesday. If you have anything that you are concerned about that you want raised please contact me. 

Carrie Swanson
PGSA President
Doctoral Candidate 
Faculty of Education
Waikato University