Dear Postgraduates,

 I am currently representing the postgraduate students association (PGSA) as the previous president (Todd Nachowitz) has resigned, and the other
executive member (Caroline Thomas) is finishing her PhD and will not be a student next year. This letter is being sent to all the faculties of
the university to ask for expressions of interest from postgraduate students to join the PGSA executive for 2010. Ideally, we want to have
representatives from all faculties on the executive.

 The role involves being a member of a body that liaises with the PGSC
(Post Graduate Studies Committee) and to represent postgraduate student
interests across the university. Ideally the executive will meet regularly (once a month) to discuss issues concerning postgraduate
research and study. One current topic is to lobby for a designated postgraduate space on campus where we can meet and where seminars,
workshops, meetings etc can take place.

 I would like to arrange a meeting of postgraduates interested in joining the PGSA executive, around the first week of December. I would
appreciate hearing from those who would be willing to represent their schools, departments, etc with an indication of when they could be
available to meet, and then I can arrange a time.

 If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact me,


 Olive Jones
Acting PGSA President