Hi Andrea
Thank you for your email as usual. I will certainly come. Would it be possible to have an appointment with you tomorrow on top of the PWC. I am getting close to complete my proposal, but I need your support, may be a few times befote I submit it finally.
Best regatrds,
On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Andrea Haines <ash1@waikato.ac.nz> wrote:

Thesis Writing Circles Session Friday 17th September

The Faculty of Education Meeting Rooms A and B have been booked from 9am -12 noon

10am - 11am   -  You are invited to take part in a discussion focused on  developing ideas into organised text.

We look forward to seeing you

Andrea and Trish

The usual light refreshments provided

Andrea Haines

Senior Tutor

Student Learning

Waikato Pathways College

The University of Waikato

Room ITS G13A Ext 6078


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