FYI:  More incentives to join the AKo research project.  Contact Giselle or Marcia directly if you are interested.

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Marcia Johnson
Dinner competition!!!
by Marcia Johnson (marcia) - Monday, 17 August 2009, 02:05 PM

As some of you will have read, we're looking for thesis students (MA or PhD) from Finance/ Management Communication, Applied Linguistics, or Maths/ Computer Science to complete a questionnaire as part of an Ako Aotearoa research project. This project is based at Auckland University of Technology.

In order to encourage participation, I'm very pleased to announce that very student participant (in the survey or survey and interview stage) will enter the draw for a Dinner for Two at Boston Bar and Café!

So - an opportunity not to be missed!!!

If you are studying in one of the areas mentioned above, please contact me ( and I'll send you an informed consent form, then the questionnaire.

Cheers, Marcia