Just in case you haven't received this info about the PhD Workshop coming up.  These 3 workshops are different than the Theses Writing Circle that's been going on, and definitely worth going.  Choose the one that best represents your progress in your PhD.


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From: "Giselle Byrnes" <giselle@waikato.ac.nz>
Date: October 3, 2009 8:53:06 AM GMT+13:00
Subject: PhD Workshops - next one Fri 9 October 2009

Dear colleagues
October is Postgraduate Research Month and this month we're running another series of workshops this month for PhD students - as you will recall, the first one is for new PhD students, the second workshop is for this half-way through their canditature and the final one is aimed at those finishing up.
In the past you have so good as to come along and speak to the new PhD researchers at the University. I would very much appreciate your assistance with workshop 1 (draft schedule and powerpoint attached) - BUT if this is not possible, I would apprecaite your participation in workshop 2 or 3 - whatever works for your busy schedules. I do realise this is a frantic time of the year and October is particularly busy!
The dates and times are:


Workshop 1                            Friday 9 October, Te Whare Tapere, APA, 9 3pm
Workshop 2                            Thursday 15 October, APA, 9 - 12.30
Workshop 3                            Thursday 29 October, APA, 9 - 12.30


I'm away Mon-Wed next week, so could you please reply to me via email and cc to Elyse Wallace (elyse@waikato.ac.nz) at the PGSO.
kind regards, giselle
Professor Giselle Byrnes
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Postgraduate Research and Supervision)