Where to >From Here: The future of the Post-Graduate Students’ Association.


 Throughout the past twelve months the PGSA has held weekly coffee meetings to provide an avenue for discussion about issues which affect post-grad students. However, there is a need for more representation of schools and faculties, and the need for new leadership. I am at the point where my time as your president is ending and it is important that the association continues to develop as a representative organisation for all postgrads.

We need to have a meeting (minimum 14 members) to decide the future direction of the Association and to elect/appoint a new committee. At this stage it is envisaged that this meeting should take place during the week commencing 15 December. Please advise which day and time would be most suitable for you to attend. – Once a consensus is reached we can determine the place.

Issues which need to be discussed are:


  1. The progress on the MRA;
  2. Consultation on PBRF as indicated in an earlier email.
  3. The election of a committee.
  4. Closer links with WSU


The ideal situation would be to have each faculty/school postgrad Student Rep as part of the executive for the PGSA. That way it would be possible to ensure that all faculties/schools were represented on the PGSA committee.


Please reply asap to.  pgsa@waikato.ac.nz