Hi all,
As a part of the Postgraduate Research Month planned for October, the Postgraduate Studies Office has asked if any of our PGSA  members would be interested in helping to organise a Quiz Night for doctoral candidates and faculty alike.  The date would be Wed 21 Oct. They're looking for someone to:
1. book a venue for the event. Both the Station Cafe and the Don Lewellyn centre next to the tennis courts have been suggested, but it can be anywhere.
2. Handle registrations.  $10/team has been suggested.  Teams can be 4-6 players, and mixed faculty & PhD students, or any other combination.
3.  I think that the PGS office will organize some prizes to be awarded to the wiining team.
4. PGS Office will also organise the questions, and will also organise a panel of score keepers to score results.
5. Whoever does this would need to stay in touch with the PGS Office.
The PGSO says that most of the organising is done, and it would be a minor time commitment. They'd like to secure a venue before 15 August, so that this event can be included in the marketing material for Postgraduate Research Month along with all of the other events being planned for October. 
So anyone interested? 
Ben,  is this something that the WSU would be interested in helping to organize?