Hi Everyone,

Coffee is today Wednesday at 10:30 at Momento by Management. Sorry about the late notice. I advertised it on face book and not on the list.
Our face book link is  www.facebook.com/pages/Postgraduate-Students-Association-University-of-Waikato if you are not a member and would like to join.  

Also below is a post I have put on face book about support whilst on the postgraduate journey. If you would like to comment please email me. 

One of the committees I attend in my role as Postgraduate Students Association president and advocate is the Student Experience committee. As part of that we are examining the support of students at the various postgraduate stages. At doctoral level we have the Postgraduate Studies Office, Student Learning, and our individual supervisors to support us. We have workshops and Doctoral Writing Conversations (DWC) at pan-university level and faculty seminars and various face book pages to enable us to become connected to the research and postgraduate communities, obtain marketable academic skills and complete our thesis. The PGSA is also there to advocate for students.

But the question is: were you as well supported as a Postgraduate Diploma, honours, or Masters student? Did you feel part of a research community, or were you just soldiering on by yourself in isolation? If you were off campus, did you feel connected to the university? Were you able to access resources? If you are at this stage now, what might be the accolades and brickbats for the university, and the lessons and suggestions, to make this stage of the journey better?

This is not a formal survey but if you would like to comment please email me on cjs123@waikato.ac.nz and I will pass your views onto the committee.

Carrie Swanson 
PGSA President