Hi fellow students,
I'm the president of the  PGSA (postgraduate students' association). I attended the meeting on Friday that the Dean of FASS arranged to answer questions about the restructuring of the faculty. I was really impressed by the turnout and the level of concern and engagement of the postgraduates who attended. Two things struck me - first that if we had a strong and well-supported PGSA and a highly functioning postgraduate culture on campus, the united student voice would be quite a force for the university to  reckon with. The other thing was that there were many people in that room on Friday who would be excellent candidates to form the new PGSA executive for 2011.
So this is a call to ask you to consider putting yourselves forward next year to represent postgraduate interests on campus. The PGSA at Waikato has always been represented by a small group of volunteers who have kept lobbying to improve the PG experience. We would like the association to be stronger. It needs some pro-active students to take it over and carry it forward. It does not require a huge amount of work, but is a very important body to represent postgraduate students at Waikato.
We have been working on:
Auckland and Victoria both have powerful and strong PGSAs, and they are well supported by their universities. We need to work on strengthening ours.
It has been suggested that the PGSA start a facebook page to provide a forum for communication between PG students. This is an excellent idea and just needs someone to get in and create it.
If you are interested in getting involved next year the present executive would be pleased to hear from you. You can either email me, or get in touch with the representative from your school (if you don't know who that is check out the pgsa website http://www.waikato.ac.nz/pgsa/. ) There will be an AGM at the beginning of March, 2011 to appoint the new executive and president.  The current one will all be resigning. The PGSA will be as strong as the people who join it, make it. I hope that you will consider being a part of this.
I will email nearer the time to let you know when the AGM will be held. In the meantime, it would be good to get expressions of interest for next years' PGSA executive.
Olive Jones
President, PGSA
PhD Candidate
School of Social Sciences
University of Waikato.