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Mary Melinn

Graduate/Postgraduate Administrator

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

University of Waikato

Phone 07 838 4080

FASS Human Research Ethics Committee Seminar

Thursday 15 April 2.10 pm Room JG.17

The FASS Human Research Ethics Committee, which serves the Schools of Arts and Social Sciences, is organising seminars to discuss a range of issues with researchers who make use of the Committee. The first was held on 30 March and is being repeated at 2.10 pm -3.00 pm on Thursday 15 April in JG.17. The following are topics, suggested recently by FASS members, which will be discussed (a later seminar will discuss ethical issues related to online research):

THE APPLICATION PROCESS: What do I do if Iím an academic staff member or student who needs to make an Application for Ethical Approval for my own research OR for a student that I supervise OR for students that I teach in a graduate or undergraduate course? What if itís just for undergraduate students to do one small interview with someone? What is my responsibility for my students? What do I do if I need an application considered urgently? Who can help me to prepare an application if I have no previous experience in preparing one?

MANAGING THE POST-APPROVAL STAGE OF HUMAN PARTICIPANT RESEARCH: What kinds of changes to my topic and/or methodology require me to go back to a Human Research Ethics Committee to get approval for things not envisaged in my original Application for Ethical Approval?

IMPROVING THE ADMINISTRATION OF ETHICAL APPROVAL: What suggestions do you have for improving the way in which ethical applications are handled by the FASS Committee?

John Paterson johnp@waikato.ac.nz
Chair, FASS Human Research Ethics Committee