From: Len Dobens <>
Reply-To: "Weka machine learning workbench list." <>
Date: Wednesday, 1 May 2013 6:34 AM
To: "Weka machine learning workbench list." <>
Subject: [Wekalist] Question regarding "Make Fiji Package" and data.arff file

We would like to use "Utilities>Make Fiji Package" to zip file a version of Fuji so that users can unzip it and find all our macros running plug-ins already there and ready to use.  One problem is that the data.arff file does not get packaged when we zip and unzip this version of Fuji.  Do you know if there a folder or other spot where the data.arff can be placed so that it survives this packaging utility?

It would be best to ask this question over on the Fiji mailing list/forum.