To make PrositionalToMultiinstance apply correctly in your case, you need to have exactly the same value of the Time attribute for each element of a time series.

This is all assuming that you want to perform time series classification (or regression), where we want to predict a single label for an entire series.

If time series forecasting is what you actually want to do, forget all this stuff about relational attributes and instead take a look at the material for the first class of the Advanced Data Mining with Weka MOOC.


On Wed, 14 Nov 2018 at 11:11 PM, alex_limzhin <> wrote:
I swap the class as the last attribute according to the script given but it
gives the output as below:

@relation rainfall1mswap_transformed
@attribute time_series relational
@attribute time_series_values numeric
@end time_series
@attribute Time {"01-01-14 0:00","01-01-14 0:05","01-01-14 0:10"
934.10004,"01-01-14 0:00"
934.10004,"01-01-14 0:05"
934.10004,"01-01-14 0:10"

It seems different from your output :
> @data
> "5.5\n5.7",p
> "6.7\n8.1\n9.1",n

how do i solve this problem?

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