I am using Weka for my research and want to generate synthetic data  which has boolean and nominal data in addition to numeric data using the BIRCH Cluster (available in clusterers in data generators) in the Weka Explorer (GUI). There is an option in the BIRCH cluster to have boolean(or nominal) columns which requires a range to be specified (booleanCols -- The range of attributes that are generated as boolean ones). I have tried to work with different ranges but always get the error message ' Error generating data: premature end of file, read TOKEN[EOF],line 1'.

I would like to understand how to enter the range in this option, I have looked up a lot on this issue and tried different methods but have been unable to resolve this problem.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.

Navati Jain
Navati Jain,
Department of Computer Science
Ryerson University