Maybe I can add one suggestion :

In the Preprocess panel, after running a filter, sometimes for any reason, the user needs to STOP running the filter. It would be nice designing a "STOP" button in the Preprocess panel similar to the existing one in, e.g., Classify panel.


On 26 May 2017 6:57 a.m., "Eibe Frank" <> wrote:

> On 26/05/2017, at 3:33 AM, Marina Santini <> wrote:
> 1) Preprocess tab: At present, it is hard to understand whether the
> Remove filter button works correctly. In my experience, it does not.
> It would be helpful to erase the name of the previously applied filter
> when pressing the Remove filter button and display "None", as a
> confirmation that the filter has been correctly un-applied from the
> preprocessing of a dataset.

Not quite sure what you mean. The Remove button will just remove the selected attributes. The Undo button will un-apply the last filtering operation that was performed. The problem with setting the filter to None is that complex configuration settings would potentially be lost. I usually apply a filter, discover that I haven't quite configured it right, and then hit Undo to change the configuration of the filter.

> 2) Refer to all parameter windows: I make an example to explain this
> need. Example:
> When selecting Naive Bayes in the Classify tab, if you click on the
> name on the classifier, a window is displayed with all the available
> parameters available for that classifier. If you set a parameter in
> that window, a switch will appear next to the name of the classifier.
> For instance, if you set useKernelEstimator to True, the switch -K
> will appear next to NaiveBayes.
> Sometimes it is not straightforward to understand to which parameter
> in the window the switch corresponds to (eg, in the case of SMO).
> Would it be possible to display also the switch in the parameter
> window? For example: useKernelEstimator (-K): False

That’s a good suggestion and we’d love to do that but it would require refactoring an enormous amount of code. Command-line option handling has always been separate from configuration in the GUIs. The two have only recently been unified to some extent.


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