Hi all

   I am new to Weka
   I have created a text file from MATLAB named temp.train.txt
   I am using Weka 3.5.4 / Simple CLI
   when i run this command 

      java weka.core.converters.ArffLoader temp.train.txt

  i could see that it loads my dataset and displays on the screen.
 Now i want to build a decision tree for this dataset. So i used this command

    java weka.classifiers.trees.J48 -t temp.train.txt

i got the following error message :

  Weka exception: Can't open file No suitable converter found for 'temp.train.txt'!.

as i understand ArffLoader could load the data.
but how to build decision tree together with Arffloader i am not getting
pls help me out.

thanks in advance

Arun Kumar