not by half. But we're better than we were.

It'd be nice to get the wiki back online for a start.

On 23 April 2013 12:58, Wolfgang <> wrote:
Sorry I missed that one. Does that mean all organisational problems have been sorted and it is business as usual?
Wolfgang Vogelbein

On 22/04/13 14:27, Peter Reutemann wrote:
Hi everyone

Looks like the latest crash of the blades killed the meeting reminder.
Thanks for Ian of reminding me and apologies for the (very) late
reminder for tonight's meeting.

We do have two talks scheduled for tonight:

- Review of Linux live CDs (openSUSE, Slax, Porteus): Ian Young
- Anti-aliasing / Code design / LibreOffice: Ian Stewart

See you tonight!

Cheers, Peter
Peter Reutemann, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Waikato, NZ          Ph. +64 (7) 858-5174
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