Hello Peter et al,

Could I please make a special request to include mention at tonight's meeting re. Kiwi PyCon 2013 to be held on September 6-8 at AUT? Would be great to have any FOSSers from down in the Waikato make it up for the event. We've just included some info [1] on our website for out-of-towners to hopefully make the event more accessible for ones coming up from Waikato and abroad.

[1] http://nz.pycon.org/blog/2013/08/24/kiwi-pycon-welcomes-out-town-delegates-locals-too/

On 26/08/2013, at 10:23 AM, Peter Reutemann <fracpete@waikato.ac.nz> wrote:

Hi everyone

There is a wlug meeting tonight:

With a committee meeting beforehand at 6.30pm:

Cheers, Peter
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