Hi Rod,

> I am particularly interested in the track record of councillors who are standing again.

A few years ago, when the hot topics were reducing HCC's $400M debt, V8 racing, and the Claudelands Event centre, there was a Waikato Times article that featured, then councillor, Ewan Wilson and I recollect that he provided statistics of the position each councillor had taken in their voting on various issues.

Unfortunately I haven't had any luck in finding this article by using google. However I did come across the http://www.concernedcitizen.co.nz/ web-site, which has quite a lot of links to Waikato Times articles. Maybe these concerned citizen folks used to keep the statistics of the voting.

If councillor voting statistics are not minuted and made public by the HCC on their web-site, then maybe you need to approach a councillor (or former councillor) in the hope that they have kept their own records of the voting.

I assume that a Waikato Times reporter attends each council meeting, so the Waikato Times may also have a record of all the voting statistics.

I also recollect that the Hamilton News used to have the "Robinson Report", and from reading these reports it appeared that they regularly attended HCC meetings. Maybe you could contact Geoffrey and Reihana Robinson and see if they kept voting statistics. robinsonsreport@gmail.com