Oh dear..

If you like, I can organise a Saturday workshop at Te Whare O Te Ata pretty easily. The room is not as big as we had last year but it'd probably do if we're careful about how we use the space. Also there's only a few tables. I'll ask around and see if we can get some more. http://fairfieldcommunity.org.nz/

Also I have an ongoing 'internet cafe / drop in open learning' session every Wednesday and Thurdsay, 3pm to 6pm. It's intended as a service for the Fairfield and Chartwell community so I don't really want it becoming a WLUG workshop every week but I would be interested if anyone wants to volunteer running it the same hours on other days.

The setup is six donated (slightly underpowered and sometimes unreliable) computers running ubuntu 10.04, with internet provided by a server in the office running squid and dansguardian.

I'm also open to helping people with Windows problems, as long as they're willing to consider suggestions of Free software at the same time. Yesterday I solved someone's Windows problems by installing Linux Mint for them, they went home very happy. But I would not expect other volunteers to do anything more than supervise and help people with questions about the internet, Libreoffice and other common software.

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There is a Waikato Linux Users Group meeting tomorrow:

WLUG Workshop Day

Just waiting to confirm room availability at the Uni.

Bring your computer/laptop/netbook along if you want assistance trouble shooting or would like to show off a project/software you've been working on.
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