I'm not sure what your point is, Lawrence?

Knowing that numlockx exists wasn't the problem; it's certainly the top result on Google. My post was regarding using it in this situation, which I assure you was more difficult than just finding the name of a well-known application.


On Thu, 9 Jul 2015 17:14:38 +1200, Eric Light wrote:

> One of the biggest things was figuring out how to use numlockx from
> the CLI to start with.  Once I got that working with the xinit
> session it was only a little more playing around.
> But getting to that point was a nightmare.  None of the guides I found
> online even came close to doing the trick.

Here are the first two things I tried, a minute ago:

        root@theon:~ # man -k numlock
        numlock: nothing appropriate.
        root@theon:~ # apt-cache search numlock
        gkrellm-leds - Keyboard LED monitor for GKrellM
        numlockx - enable NumLock in X11 sessions
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