Correct, something's still not quite right here, the gateway for your Windows box ought to be something out towards the interweb, not back in to your network.  Your linux box definitely isn't going to get out until this bit is sorted.

What do you get when you run ipconfig /all on your Windows box?  As others have suggested you should be seeing  your ethernet connection as being the (non-configurable iirc) value set by ICS, and then your linux box will have default gateway of, eth0 will be (or .3 now?) as assigned by ICS, and until you get to this point it ain't gonna go. 

Triple check you have ICS turned on?

And I presume (though that can be unwise so can you confirm) that you are able to generally browse the net from this Windows box?


Interesting question: why when I run ifconfig in Windows does the IPv4 default gateway show as my Linux box's IP address??? That's surely not right. And when I have my network plugged in sometimes my mail fails to send, as in cant reach server. I wonder if the windows box is looking at the Linux box as a server. I can't imagine why though.

What ever it is its playing mary hell with my dialup connection.


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