Seven years ago, in March 2013, I discovered a bug in the BASIC programming language that is included with LibreOffice suite of applications.

I found that if BASIC was requested to return a 1 to 4 x nibbles Hex string, it would return positive integers OK but it would have an error when attempting to return a negative integer. For examples:

Cint(&H0) returned 0 OK
Cint(&H7FFF) returned 32767 OK
Cint(&HFFFF) should have returned -1, but returned an "overflow error"
Cint(&H8000) should have returned -32768, but returned an "overflow error".

On the 14th March 2013, I opened a case for this issue on Bugzilla and it was logged as Bug 62326


The most recent comment posted on this bug was two weeks ago:

Comment 39 Commit Notification 2020-03-30 06:59:05 UTC

Andreas Heinisch committed a patch related to this issue.
It has been pushed to "master":

Cleanup for tdf#130476, tdf#62323 and tdf#62326

It will be available in 7.0.0.


Version 7.0 of LibreOffice is scheduled for release in August 2020.



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