Totally agreed...

I would go far enough to suggest to not bother with even a Primary Rate ISDN Line (E1 connection) and just go for an IP Telephony Service Provider who can cater for your telephony requirements (eg. provide a local phone number).

For the cost of a handful of telephone lines, you could put that money towards a decent and reliable Internet connection.

On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 13:55 +1200, Ian McDonald wrote:
On 7/25/07, Jonathan Purvis <> wrote:
>    5-10 external analog lines

One comment here - I would go with either an E1 digital line (which
can handle up to 30 conversations) or a data connection to an IP
enabled telco (e.g. Callplus).

Having this many analog lines would be a pain in the butt.