Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated.
I only have a hard copy of the music, hence I will have to either learn tenor clef or learn Rosegaren/Lilypond/Denemo to transcribe it.
Certainly it appears that Lilypond (or Denemo) is more suitable for this purpose than Rosegarden, and I made significant progress late last night using Lilypond.
Unfortunately I cannot make it to the workshop this weekend, but will try to make the next one.  (I am trying to persuade one of my musical friends to use Linux and will invite them along too to hear the chorus).
Thanks again!

2009/7/28 Peter Reutemann <>
>> Clef change on a Lilypond file ought to be trivial.  My understanding
>> is that the notes can be specified either absolute or relative.  The
>> clef sign shouldn't alter pitch, so changing it ought to be just a
>> matter of a simple change in the data file.
> 'tis the case.  Did a simple test.  Generated a little scrap of music.
>  The lilypond file follows.  Changed the "clef treble" to "clef tenor"
> and "clef tenor" to "clef bass" ... and the notes were correct for the
> appropriate clef, ie the pitch didn't alter.

If you prefer the "GUI" approach: just change the clef in Denemo using
"Clef -> Initial Clef"  from the "menu of objects" toolbar.

Quite a nice application, this denemo. Have to keep that in mind. :-)

Cheers, Peter
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