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I'd suspect that your modem is running DHCP, dishing out IP addresses to the devices on your network, on a first-come, first-serve basis. What modem is it?

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On 7/2/07, Leslie Katz <lesliek@ozemail.com.au> wrote:
My modem is plugged into an Ethernet switch. The Ethernet card in my
computer and my printer are each plugged into the switch.

My modem has the address internally of 10.1.1. My printer's usually My computer's usually

However, recently on a number of occasions, I've discovered my printer
or computer has a different address.

No doubt, some command will tell me the current addresses of things
plugged into the switch, but I don't know which.

Could someone enlighten me as to the command?

Also, is there some way to force my printer and computer to keep their
usual addresses permanently? Otherwise, when I discover that my printer
isn't working or that my firewall's blocking connections, I have to
change the relevant settings temporarily to match the different numbers,
which is annoying.

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