Ignore notice, Workshop for this month will be NEXT month (June 6)

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2009/5/23 John Billings <> wrote:
> That's Queens Birthday  W/E :-(

I had asked Bruce why the meeting was on the 30th.  I guess we have them
 the week after the regular meeting.  I thought they were the first
Saturday of the month which would be the 6th of June.  Don't much matter
to me, but wonder if it makes sense to move it this time, as you point
out it's a holiday weekend.


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>> The WLUG Fixit Meeting is 1 week away.
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>> ------------ Saturday May 30th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
>> SaturdayWorkshop at Te Whanau P&#197;&#171;tahi
>> (
>> ptahi/), the community church at the end of Oxford Street.
>> We'll have the usual tables, power, various ISO's,
>> Internet, coffee and light lunch, etc.
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