Thanks William, Lawrence, Ian, and Wayne

I hope this is not too off topic for others and you want it to be taken it off list. Finding meaningful information among the plethora of stuff out there, particularly information on the actions of government bodies is important for all of us, and Open Source can play a key role in freedom of information.

I found that agendas and minutes earlier than 2016 had been removed from the WRC website. They have undertaken to supply them on what they seem to be treating as an Official Information Request.

What would help me most is ways of finding information on the Waikato Regional Council candidates - anything about their attitudes to looking after our environment and .ensuring we have a good future.
I can supply a list of WRC candidates. Others are doing the Hamilton City council candidates.

Any way of finding relevant info on the candidates - then searching it for key ideas, policies, track record of actions, particularly current councilors standing again
I fear there is no substitute for reading the selected documents and judging their significance.
So, finding info from official sources, websites, media, Facebook etc, etc.
Searching the info for key words and phrases.
Searching multiple documents particularly PDFs.
Anything that helps select the useful from the rest.

Any help welcome Let me know if you would like a list of WRC candiates


On 30 August 2016 at 11:38, Lawrence D'Oliveiro <> wrote:
On Tue, 30 Aug 2016 07:54:45 +1200, Roderick Aldridge wrote:

> The criteria used to evaluate the candidates are in the Vision
> statement at Not easy to
> base a query on.

Hmmm, this sounds more nebulous than what I had in mind. I thought
there would be numbers that we could tally in some more manageable form
(Ă  la that PyCon video on sports stats that William showed us). This
seems more like trying to gauge the tenor of councillors’ utterances to
try to place them on some vague kind of spectrum.

Unless you had some manual preprocessing in mind, to go through the
records to assign scores to each councillor...
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