Count me in for helping out, probably the "others" here too :)


2009/7/15 John Billings <>
Yeah, this year we will also be able to distribute the OpenDisc to every
person who drops off equipment, or more likely until we run out of discs
to give away.  Along with a flyer for SoftwareFreedom day which happens
to be the week after.

If your thinking about volunteering you can sign up on their site or
just let Bruce or I know, we are in touch with the organizers.  A lot of
the work is helping people unload, and stacking and moving around
pallets, but also need people to direct traffic, if you didn't want to
do any lifting.  You can come for an hour or two, or the whole day.


Bruce Kingsbury wrote:
> 2009/7/15 Jonathan Purvis <>:
>> Bruce Kingsbury wrote:
>>> I don't suppose anyone has any "old" LCD screens they want to give away? ;)
>> If by "old" you mean "doesn't power on anymore", then yes, i do have one.
>> ;)
> Not really what I was after but hey, I just got send the EDay press release;
> I'll be helping out at EDay again this year, and suggest everyone in
> WLUG who can spare the time also gets involved. It's pretty hard work,
> but also quite a lot of fun seeing all the different old computers,
> looking out for rare machines and stuff. They give you a nice lunch
> too.

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