2009/5/26 John Billings <john@nimhq.net>
The slides for my history of the blade, err history of the wiki, talk
are here:


In case you want to click on some of the links I included there.

Also wanted to say Bruce did a good job of demonstrating koroaa, our
second/backup blade server.  I was encouraged to see the blade booting
up and initiate the pxe boot sequence over the iLO interface.

The purpose of this last meeting was to let people know if you want to
get more involved with the LUG, other than attending meetings or joining
the committee, there are several ways to do that:

* Contribute to the wiki:


(For instance I think that page could be improved)

* Get a user account on our server:


* Help out with administrative work needed on the server:


(Those of you who mentioned being interested in this, see the "New
admins wanted" section on that page.)

* Last but not least, we are starting to plan for Software Freedom Day
2009.  We have started organizing this here:


Now is a good time to get involved with that, feel free to edit that
page and offer your suggestions, or contact one of the committee members
about how you would like to help out:


John Billings

Chris O'Halloran wrote:
> For those who attended this evening's presentation and didn't right
> down the terminal commands, I've output the presentation to pdf.
> http://www.wlug.org.nz/~cmoman/ssh_presentation/ssh_presentation_20090524.pdf
> Cheers,
> Chris
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An article and script describing how to snoop on an SSH session and recover the username and password... this would be one of a number of reasons why the WLUG server only allows key-based authentication. ;)

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