yeah, you do.

I haven't been paying complete attention so I'm not sure what they want you to do with the modem, but if you don't need to get information from the modem(eg to just set it up) you should be able to send commands to it using echo command > modemport or something, I used to do that with msdos so I assume it can be done with linux. probably possible to capture the output from the modem and route it to stdout too but don't ask me how to do that either

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Robert D Davidson <> wrote:
Hi Peter and Simon,
I did that and I got "Error Couldn't find package Minicom"  If I need to be on the internet for this then I am going in circles.
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2009/7/29 Robert D Davidson <>
Hi Chris,

The complexites fine with me. However I need to know were to find these
Hyperterminal equivalent programs in a default load of 64 bit Ubuntu 8.  I
have had a poke around  in accessories and system but I don't see them.

You nedd to install minicom, as it is not installed by default. If you using the synaptic package manager, it is under the 'Communication' menu. Alternatively, "sudo apt-get install minicom" in the command line will install it.

  -- simon

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