As an aside, TightVNC is much better than old vanilla vnc.  You can do things like compress the tcp stream using zlib and use jpeg image compression.  Quite nippy over ADSL.


On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 10:45, Richard Stevenson wrote:
On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Oliver Jones wrote:

> > I'm still boggled at anything over VNC being the fastest, though.  That's
> > just bizarre.
> The biggest problem historically with graphics has always been the
> bandwidth between video memory and main memory.  Graphics are just plain
> big and eat the data bandwidth something chronic.  So it is unsurprising
> that VNC is faster than using a video card.  For 2 reasons:

Good points both - I'd forgotten that VNC worked that way.  In a previous
life, I had to administer an NT-based backup system using VNC (over a
Saturn cable modem link).  You'd move the mouse and then go out to dinner
while you waited for the update to come back.  It was probably the backup
server, though.  Legato Networker works (as much as it ever could) on a
big Alpha running Unix.  It doesn't cope well with an NT box, even if that
NT box has a CPU a million times faster.


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