Wait, when did Canonical stop selling their users' start-menu usage data to Amazon? But maybe that highlights the point.

On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 10:55 AM Lawrence D'Oliveiro <ldo@geek-central.gen.nz> wrote:
Came across this article
from a few years ago, relating the tale of a teenager who was given an
expensive laptop, who chose to replace its Windows OS (and included
software) with Ubuntu. His parents were livid when they found out--two
years after the fact. They jumped to the conclusion that his machine
was now under the control of malware and hackers and all the rest of
it, not to mention his throwing away the software they had paid good
money for.

So he resorted to Reddit (!) to get advice on how to explain things to
his parents. The thread
has, in perhaps typical Reddit fashion, a mix of useful and
not-so-useful responses. Though the upshot was, he was able to come to
an accommodation with his parents, even if it did involve paying back
the cost of the firewall/antivirus subscription that he didn’t use.

That teen is an adult now. I wonder if it was an isolated case...
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