Hello everyone,

The WLUG committee are considering organising a Saturday Workshop at the Uni for October 1.

Can we have a 'show of hands' on who is likely to turn up, please? We had a few problems with last month's workshop and it would be good to avoid that scenario again.

On behalf of club, I would like to apologise to those members of this list who had travelled some distance for last month's particular workshop and found it not happening.  As club president, I had made some assumptions about the attendance of others that often organise and champion the workshop day.  Recognising that they could be a problem on the Saturday morning of the event, I made what I believed were sufficient arrangements with Univerisity security stafff and communicated this to the club member that believed would be attending.  Unfortunately the communication was only one way and I had to leave Hamilton for a prior arrangment.

Sorry for the mix up.

So, please reply to this list if you wish to be part of Saturday workshop on October 1


Chris O'Halloran
WLUG president.