Hi Ian!

Thanks for the suggestion. I had actually done some experimentation with LTSP a few months ago, but opted not to use it in this situation.

Part of the reason I chose not to use it here was the specific desire to not have a window manager, combined with our (but maybe not permanent) requirement to use Putty instead of any other/better/native SSH terminal emulator.

That said, I'm seriously considering it for some internal thin clients - that's a longer term plan though :-)

What type of thin client do you have spare?


On 9/07/2015 9:56 pm, "Ian Stewart" <ianstewart56@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi Eric,

With regard to thin-client solutions then I wonder if you are aware of the Linux Terminal Server Project.


Here is the wiki...


The performance of the network to the remote clients would be the major factor in how to implement LTSP. If the network performance is poor then, since LTSP V5, there is support for "fat" clients, so it should still be possible for a client to boot in, say, 10 seconds.

I've got some old thin client PC's if you'd like to use them to experiment with LTSP.


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