Have you got spf records ? I recently had fun with these .

If you getc an error back you may email me direct and I will have a quick look.

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On Wed, 23 Jan 2013 16:35:57 +1300, Gregory Machin wrote:
 Just few thoughts ....
 If you are send mail directly from dsl this is likely to happen. Most
ISPs provide a smtp relay service for their customers. If you are
using a smtp relay then possibly something in the content of the email

Anti spam is a nightmare to manage.

Hi Gregory and Matthias,

I'm sending my mail from a VPS hosted by rimuhosting in Dallas via a RoundCube webmail interface.

I was in South Africa recently and I had to do also sorted of reconfigurations and even bought signed certificates to get around all the email blocking that goes on there.

This mailserver has been working flawlessy for a few years now. Ubuntu/Dovecot/Postfix/Roundcube

Matthias pointed out something I'd missed and that was my VPSs time clock was drifting.  It turns out ntpd wasn't running - that is resolved now. Perhaps it got removed in a transition from hardy to lucid, no explaination there.

The email I've trying to send, and have sent a number of time and been blocked everytime is about bit coin and the ieee ... well I won't say too much more in case this message gets blocked.  The message get through to my work email address fine.



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