Vadacom Ltd is a leading provider of OSS-based telephony integration solutions. Their flagship product, VadaXchange, is used by many large organisations throughout New Zealand, including Xero, the rock-star accounting firm.

We are seeking an experienced and adaptable software developer to join our R&D team. A solid background in OSS-based operating systems such as Linux is a must, as well as experience in several different programming languages, plus the ability and willingness to pick up more languages and frameworks quickly as required.

Our main product is comprised of a mainly python-based server-side software, built around the Asterisk PBX system, plus a sophisticated javascript-based client-side web application, as well as Android and iOS apps.

Our team is unique in that we actually encourage working from diverse physical locations. This is important to us, because we are all about empowering business communications, so it's walking our talk to use our own technologies internally. If you are good at organising your time, and can create a space where you won't be disturbed, you will be welcome to work from home most of the time. This said, however, some trips to the Auckland head office will be needed from time to time, especially as you are first starting work with us.

We have just recently opened an office on Garden Place in Hamilton, and can offer you the option to work from here.

Hamilton's IT scene is heavily skewed towards the Redmond stack, so opportunities to work with leading-edge OSS tools and great people, while staying in Hamilton or the greater Waikato, are scarce.

If this position interests you, please send me your CV and cover letter.