EDay = BAD. 

This is the 3rd? time since that I could have passed on something I tossed.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Daniel Lawson <daniel@meta.net.nz> wrote:
Glenn Stuart Morrissey wrote:
> Hey Daniel
> Thanks for the great advise on ic/ppp settings. I had my old win 98
> machine that I do my maths work on and it had a modem, so i thought id
> give it a bash with your instructions in your emails. I had to consult a
> website http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/ics98, turns out that I had
> to install netBEUI and install ICS from the win 98 add new programs
> menu, but once that was done, my linux acer and my linux dell both had
> good connections. I had to remove the static IP address in my Vista
> machines network card settings, but once i had, it connected too.
> So thank you for all your help, and to the other members of WLUG who
> helped me out.

That's ok.

As a suggestion for a future project, you could install linux on an
older computer (probably best to not install X, and you might take it as
a chance to try a different distribution), and set it up as a router and
firewall.  Some of the "magic" has gone from this these days, as there
are plenty of distributions that are oriented towards doing this.

> Now I have to find an old PCMCIA network card for my old Dell 133
> Laptop, or a serial network connection if there is such a thing

$20 on trademe will get you a pcmcia 10/100 ethernet card. Be careful of
what you get, a lot of them need a small custom cable (commonly called a
dongle) that connects to the card and provides a physical RJ45 port, and
these can either be missing completely, or damaged - so get a card that
has a built-in rj45 port
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