Which incidentally is how Windows does it as well.  It is just a little harder to notice. :)  Windows uses ASPI which is a SCSI API.  The IDE devices have IDE->SCSI/ASPI support in their drivers.


Chris Martin wrote:
You need to enable SCSI emulation, it's an option in the kernel.
Beyond that I'm not sure, I haven't set up an IDE burner in Linux
(mine is SCSI), but you need to fool it into thinking your IDE burner
is a SCSI device.

Yo people

I'm having problems getting a CD reader/writer going properly on my Linux
installation. Wondering if some bright spark can give some illumination on
the problem?

System: Suse 7.2, kde 2.2 on an AMD processor based system.
CD-Reader/Writer: Goldstar IDE CD-reader/writer

The CD reader/writer is on the slave port of the primary IDE
controller. Note that it is IDE and not SCSI.

What works:

1) I can mount an ISO9960 CD and read it fine.

What doesn't work:

1) Can't write ISO image to CD. I try to use cdrecorder and it wants a
device specification. I don't know what on earth to tell it. The manual
is no help - it is all geered towards a SCSI CD-writer. Can someone tell
me what I should be telling it for a device?

2) Can't play music CDs. I run KDE's CDplayer program and it can start
reading the music CD OK, and says its playing but no sound is comes out
what soever.

Maybe worth noting that KDE on startup (ie login) reports it can't find
the /dev/dsp device and says it will use the null sound device
instead. However all its own little jingles, bells, whatnots are sounded
OK. I hear them. Just not the CD.

The appropriate wire connecting the CD reader to the sound board is

Don't have any clue what the sound board is - it's on the motherboard.

Any suggestions?


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