Hi Wlug,
Can you please tell me what modem error code 2 means and how to fix the problem so I can get my modem to activate in Fedorra.

When asking questions like this, you should include, at a minimum:

* The version of your linux distribution. You're using Fedora, but which version?
* Your architecture - x86 (intel/amd), I guess. 32bit or 64bit?  If you don't know, include the output from the command "uname -a" run inside a terminal.

You should also include information specific to your question:
* The brand and model of your modem, and whether it's dialup or DSL, internal or external.

Including the exact error details will help a lot - you get "error code 2", but in what context?

I appreciate that you probably don't have easy email access from linux yet, as your modem isn't working - so if you could save the above information to a USB stick, that would probably be the easiest way to get the information into an email