Oliver Jones wrote:
I didn't read the whole release and as I live in Oz now I don't care too much, but it is still good news.

In Oz they have local loop unbundling too.  Though no naked DSL so I still have to pay Telstra for a line rental.  Though that is less than $18 a month.  I get my broardband from a company called Internode.  Originally they didn't have a DSLAM at my location but now they do so I'm in line for transition from a Telstra DSLAM (limited to 1.5Mbit) to their own ADSL2 24Mbit DSLAM.   I get 40GB of traffic a month for around $80.  Rate limited to 7k/sec after 40GB.  I imagine NZ will have similar plans within a fairly short period.

Funny that...
Terressa Guttung was able to give a convincing reason as to why one *should* unbundle the local loop as well as why one *should not* unbundle the local loop.

Personally, I think what Jonny Martin presented at NZNOG sums it up...