Don't worry. You weren't the only one struggling with this date. :-)

I'll put you down for the next meeting. Which might be next year.

Cheers, Peter
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On 22/10/2013 7:19 AM, "Elroy" <> wrote:
I have been struggling with my Asterisk setup, to the extent I have not got anything usable yet.
I am still happy to come and make a partial presentation on what I have, and do a full presentation in the future when I have it all connected together.


Sorry guys, just realised the date on this message.

My sincerest apologies to all.

Hopefully I can make it up to everyone next meeting, if I am allowed to show my face...

Sincerest Apologies,

Elroy Liddington.

Peter Reutemann wrote:
Hi everyone

There is a WLUG meeting tonight:

Elroy Liddington: Raspberry Pi, Asterisk
Chris O'Halloran: LaTeX

Cheers, Peter
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