Hi Eric (...and anyone else interested in LTSP thin clients),

What type of thin client do you have spare?

If anyone would like to have a play with thin client PC's, then I have a couple of HP T5735's.  HP Quickspecs.

For local booting they came with Debian Linux 4.0 with Kernel 2.6, so they are from around 2007.

The BIOS supports PXE booting to so they can download their OS and applications image from a Linux Terminal Server (LTSP).

Possibly the easiest way to set up an LTSP server is to use the Edubuntu distro. These thin clients will then boot an i386 OS image from the server.

However these days for a thin-client you might be better off to buy a LCD display with an HDMI input and bolt a Raspberry Pi to it. The Raspberry Pi can be setup to boot from the LTSP server. There was a Raspi-LTSP project which has evolved and become the PiNet project. I like the way they used the Motorola lapdock 100's as the human interface for the Raspberry Pi.


PS: If you'd like an 84 page guide to LTSP