Does anyone know whether the ethernet port is still connected to the SoC via the USB bus?


Q: Why is this email five sentences or less?

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Peter Reutemann <> wrote:
"The main differences between the B+ and the Raspberry Pi model B are
the new model has:
- four USB ports (versus two in the model B)
- a microSD card (versus a full size SD card in model B)
- a video jack integrated with the audio jack (versus two separate
jacks in the model B)
- GPIO pins extended to 40 pins (versus 26 pins in the model B)
- lower power consumption
- four mounting holes
What has not changed:
- The price, it is $35 USD
- The amount of RAM, it has 512 Mb"

-- source:

All in all, sounds like very reasonable changes - especially the 4 USB
ports. Though would have preferred 1GB of RAM. :-)

Cheers, Peter
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