I would absolutely purchase two of these immediately - one for each of my kids.  I'd load ten bucks on each, set an annual reminder to top up the account, and a bi-weekly reminder to get them to charge it.

Then I'd have them throw it in the bottom of their schoolbags, and remind them that they can use it to call family if they ever have an emergency.  If they ever complain that "ughh i hate that brick you bought dad", I can remind them that if they want something extra, they can pay for it themselves.

They have smartphones as well, but they're frequently out of battery, or out of minutes/credit, or just plain stolen.  An old Nokia brick would be perfect.

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15. Feb 2017 12:39 by ldo@geek-central.gen.nz:

A company called HMD Global wants to bring back the legendary Nokia
3310 candy-bar phone

You regularly see comments from people lamenting the complexity of
modern smartphones, and wishing for a return to the simpler days of
mobile phones that were good at making calls, with less of all the
extra bells and whistles. As well as having much longer battery life.

Now we will see if resurrecting a popular model from the days when
phones did exactly that will succeed, given that today making calls is
one of the last things that people do with their phones...
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