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[Ada_list] We Need Quantum Ninjas, This Is Not Art, Newcastle, sept 30/oct 04 2004

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dan mackinlay () dan@o...
Sat Jul 17 20:06:45 NZST 2004

This is a shoutout. Please forward strategicically to interested 
friends you may have, and blessings upon you if you are polite enough 
to ignore our flagrant cross-posting.

Quantacrib is into its second year of madcrazy improvised 
electronic/realworld crossover art. A big impro jamthing with fun, and 
light and sound and spontaneity, stained with greasy residues of 
avant-electro styling. Yup. It's all part of the fun at Electrofringe 
festival, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, sept30-oct04, 2004. to find out about that.

But, more about us. We need, well, we need you.

We want to explore crossovers between VJs and DJs, between laptoppers, 
MCs and poets and hiphoppers and hopscotchers. Between painters, and 
sculptors, performance artists, installation artists and runaway 
graffiti artists, between cutenpasters, set-designers, costumers, junk 
percussionists, gamelan composers and aficionados of playing tag on the 
monkey bars. You know, breaking down the good old audience-performer 
divide and plumbing the depths of improvised creativity. That kind of 

Do you have an idea that combines any of these elements, or possibly 
other elements that aren't invented yet? A dream-team of electrofringe 
attendees that you want to engage in a jam session? A great idea for 
making techno from the sound of rupturing paint tins? A dance 
performance for a blindfolded audience? Something that know will curl 
our hairs with delight, but is just a bit too stupid to be safely done 
in a nightclub to handbag house choones without risking a lynching?

We provide you a venue packed with microphones, pheromones, network 
cables, sensors, paint, paper, projectors and speakers, and a chance to 
rule over a tiny improvised empire for just one evening. The rule is: 
it has to be spontaneous, and it has to be collaborative. Rehearsal is 
only ok if you pretend you haven't done it.

We are doing a shout out now for
1. People with crazy ideas of jam sessions, experimental performances 
or interactive what-have-yous that they wish to create. (so far we have 
data-sharing laptop jams, shadow-tracing, collaborative wall comics, 
sample looping in pitch darkness and an industrial noise-core video jam 
on the theme of sweatshops, and a whole load of kiwi circus performers. 
We need more. A lot more.)

2. Installation artists, decorators and designers
If you think you can handle five days of punters interacting, 
interfering with and manhandling your work: we need you. We want  this 
space to look pretty, or at least intriguing, for all the  pretty and 
intriguing people that will be attending. Please contact  us if you are 
interested in creating a venue to inspire and warp the
minds of innocents and deviants alike, and to test the limits of 
municipal fire-safety codes.

Get involved:
Contact the notartcadets@o... by July 30, for your 
limited-time-only opportunity for the most ephemeral type of fame. 
You'll hear back by August the 3rd. Go on.

Quanta -------: undefined possibilities floating our in space before
-------------- they become realized
Crib ---------: a small jail-like contraption for containing young
-------------- children so they don't maim themselves
Quantacrib ---: an undefined container for possibilities that might
-------------- otherwise maim themselves.

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