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Hello, Arron?

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Arron Scott arrons@n...
Thu Feb 19 16:00:10 NZDT 1998

Hi Donald,

sorry, busy as ever. Yes I am getting these.

As for some things I would like to see happen:

First of all, I think it's important we know who's subscribed to this list,
for the sake of fairness, so can we be kept abrest of changes.

I think it's impportant that we communicate with all of the main providers
of Internet in New Zealand, and am keen particularly to see IBM, Compuserve,
and IHUG invited. No point in being secretive.

What should we accomplish, IMHO:

IP addressing consensus. We have to have a firm and agreed policy as to what
happens with portability of address space.

Domestic peering strategy, eg. progressing the AMX.

Communication lines, particularly contact agreements for movement of
customers from supplier to supplier or faults due to incorrect
advertisements. Should Telecom be able to call Telstra staff in the middle
of the weekend to get them to stop advertising a customer ? If so how ? If
not what do we tell our customers ?

What should we not do, IMHO:

We are not a regulatory body of any kind, this should be a communication
forum only allowing us to discuss and action topics as above. Contractual or
formal Agreements should be made outside of this group.


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>Hush, hush, whisper who dares.
>Is Arron Scott out there somewheres?
>- Donald
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