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Lin Nah lin@d...
Tue Apr 3 11:27:21 NZST 2001

I know a few in here have tried to propose another undernet server
in NZ and found it rejected for various reasons.  Let me just say
that the NZ undernet server was not "owned" by ICONZ or Asiaonline.
ICONZ and later on Asiaonline sponsored the bandwidth as well as
telehousing of the server.  I am more than grateful for their support
on this since the server was introduced in January 1995.

The server is owned by the admin of the server which was Rowan Smith,
who happened to worked at ICONZ/Asiaonline.  There were IRC operators
there who definitely didn't work for ICONZ/Asiaonline.

Needless to say it is unfortunately the DDOS attacks on Undernet
have started targetting leaf servers rather than the hubs.

However the problem now is the DDOS attacks that will be aimed at
any Undernet IRC server in NZ, sooner or later.

We thought we had the problem solved but it turns out they then
turned to attacking the big ISPs in NZ hoping that one of them
was the server sponsor.  Of course we can't pin point x attack
at y hours on z day was due to ppl targetting the IRC server.
Also due to the more than Network operators (potentially media)
in here, I do not wish to publicise too much.

However things do filter back to us and certain coincidences can
either be by chance coincidences or actually DDOS in tandem.

Measures will be taken to ensure that if another server in NZ is
linked to Undernet it will be another red flag etc.  It would also
be good to have a server on a central location where other ISPs
have access to it (as before>.  It is also clear that we may not
be able to find one main sponsor but perhaps have a group of sponsors.

Unfortunately I am supposed to be working on this and have done
nilch to date.  I'll pull up my socks and work on it soon.

I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in helping with
this.  It will mean a limited mailing list as I would prefer if
hack kiddies don't use public lists to find out what is planned etc.
Do note that such help doesn't guarantee server approval for linking
NOR does it guarantee an IRC operator status on any resulting server.

I know someone is going to say "security through obscurity".  However
in this case it is worth staying a step ahead of the DOS kiddies.

Lin Nah
currently wearing hat of
Undernet IRC Admin

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