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[nznog] QSI / "industry" DSL problems caused by3.5mbit upgrades?

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Mark Frater mfrater@q...
Thu Apr 27 12:43:55 NZST 2006

Hi All, 

There has been widespread industry debate in the last week or so about DSL
speeds. QSI Helpdeskers are having to field a number of complaints about
speed issues, as are helpdesk staff from other ISPs. Tests carried out by
QSI and others industry players have shown the current major speed
constraint lies in the Telecom DSL backhaul network. This is affecting
Quicksilver Internet, but it is also affecting the rest of the industry.

There are (at least) three places in the constrain the bandwidth in their
backhaul network, at the DSLAM, in the backhaul to the BRAS and at the ATM
egress point to the ISP. 

Telecom, by its own admission, now offers "no guaranteed minimum line speed
performance" and their backhaul network is "dimensioned to ensure that all
customers receive a minimum throughput reflecting the best efforts nature of
the service."

For more background on Telecom's attitude on this topic, read Telecom's
public wholesale informer:

12 April UBS public submission on IHUGs recent Determination application:

Or to quote clause 70:

"With regard to SIR, and following the approach outlined in Decision 568 and
the subsequent agreement with TelstraClear, Telecom has moved away from the
concept of weighted SIRs introduced during the Decision

568 proceedings. All services simply share the same Virtual Path which is
dimensioned to ensure that all customers receive a minimum throughput
reflecting the best efforts nature of the service. All customers, retail and
wholesale, compete equally in the same shared virtual path for the available
bandwidth. Telecom has, however, retained the use of the VP scheduler to
enforce fairness. The scheduler equitably allocates available bandwidth to
all end users active at the time so that no end user can consume more that
their share of the available bandwidth."

There have also been recent commentary in InternetNZ mailing lists and and
NZDSL newsletter sent out today that focusses on the backhaul issues
currently facing the industry.

This issue has also been a point of discussion between ISPANZ members in the
last couple of weeks and ISPANZ is expected to put out an Information Brief
in the next couple of days to highlight UBS/DSL backhaul as a industry wide
issue that is delivering broadband customers the equivalent of dial-up
speeds at peak times.


To be fair, QSI does have some control over download speeds and we are
continually reviewing and upgrading our network as our customer numbers

1) We currently have a project underway to increase our Private Virtual
Circuit (PVC) size from Telecom to manage future forecasted growth. Telecom
controls the dimension of this PVC and constrains its size to 24kbit/s per
customer. How this works in practice is that ISPs provide Telecom with a 3
monthly forward looking customer forecast. Telecom then resize the PVC based
on this forecast. This process happens every couple of months, so the
Unspecified BitRate (UBR) ATM PVC gets step increases every couple of
months. We are expecting Telecom to complete the next speed increase on our
PVC in the next couple of days.
2) We are also implementing a new L2TP Network Server (LNS) Architecture
that will allow us to load share across a cluster of servers so that we can
easily scale capacity sideways to manage future forecasted customer growth.
This new system will be going live in the next couple of weeks. 

3) We have recently tendered for more International IP Transit capacity and
will be increasing our international bandwidth shortly to manage future
forecasted customer growth.


Mark Frater 
Director, Quicksilver Internet

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Subject: Re: [nznog] QSI / "industry" DSL problems caused by3.5mbit

Regan Murphy wrote:
> A friend of mine recently changed from Orcon to QSI.  He is on an 
> exchange on the other side of AKL from me.  On the Thursday (with 
> Orcon) he was sustaining a 220KB/sec download from the linux mirror at 
> citylink.  On the Friday when he was changed over to QSI he couldn't 
> get better than 80KB/sec from the same source and he has had speed 
> problems since.  He changed about 2-3 weeks ago.
 From what you've said it does sound like QSI's UBS (ATM) circuit to Telecom
is maxed out, rather than issues of over-subscription at the exchange. But
it is hard to know without all the info. Perhaps someone from QSI could
comment here.

Regan Murphy wrote:
>  As changing providers is a painful (and expensive) process I've been 
> reluctant to switch without knowing for sure where the problem lay.
The churn fee is a lot lower now ( ~ $40 for a UBS to UBS reassignment).


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