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FW: Salaries: A comparison

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Chris Leggett leggettc@b...
Fri Jan 26 12:06:00 NZDT 1996

Dear Colleagues

While I share the grievance over Australian academic salaries, the 
comparison with Singapore (where I was employed at the National University 
of Singapore for six years) is not an easy one to calculate. There are 
housing subsidies and the Provident Fund contributions by employer and 
employee are high - amounting to the equivalent of 50% of my earnings while 
I was there. For Singaporeans the problem is that it is a big loss if you 
get involved in opposition politics or are even mildly critical in your 
publications (my offence), for the Uni is skilled at finding a reason for 
non-renewal of contract or even firing the offender. A few cents out on a 
claim for reimbursement of taxi expenses (an opposition party candidate's 
offence, plus using his research account to mail his wife's PhD thesis to 
the US)  is enough to get you the sack and have the Dean publish in the 
newspaper how he took a taxi along the same route to check it out- imagine 
having a creep like that as a boss! On the other hand, although one has to 
bid at auction for an entitlement certificate to buy a car, taxis are 
relatively cheap, plentiful and efficient. A former Singaporean colleague 
has joined us here in Australia moving from an SL there to an Aspro here and 
reckons she has dropped 45% in income as a result. But she likes the Oz 
environment and, although not really a dissenter, the freer political 
climate here.

Chris Leggett

Department of Management and Economics, Faculty of Business, Central 
Queensland University, Rockhampton, Queensland
4702, Australia.
Telephone: 61 (0)79 30 9630 office or 61 (0)79 39 5331 home; Facimile: 61 
(0)79 30 9700 office or 61 (0)79 39 5045 home; E-mail: c.leggett@c...

Ps. Unless the sender appends a signature, I cannot, with MSMail, determine 
to whom I am replying.
From: prir-l
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: re: FW: Salaries: A comparison
Date: Thursday, 25 January 1996 5:22PM

Yes Di,  while I essentially agree with your point, your comparison is
somewhat false; reltaive prices may account for much of the difference you
note.  For example, to get a car on the road in Singapore, as far as I
understand it, your talking about $ 100, 000 - $150 000 (singapore).  Costs
of housing are also substantially different.  These are two basic 
which heaviliy influence costs of living and price indexes.

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